Immigrant Visa Status and Parole Status

Applicants under the IR1, IR2, CR1, CR2, K, DV or SB1 visa categories, applicants with current F1, F2A, F2B, F3 or F4 petitions and applicants processing under the Cuban Family Reunification Program (CP1) or the family-based parole (CP3) category whose interview took place after February 1, 2015  may wish to view the status of their immigrant visa application at The applicant or relative will need to enter the case number (e.g.: HAV2013123456, 2013SA123). Once the visa appears as “Issued” the applicants will be able to come to the  U.S. Embassy to pick up their passport following the instructions on their pass. Please be aware that some cases require extended administrative processing. This processing may last several months.  If such is the case, the U.S. Embassy will contact the applicant by telephone or telegram as soon as this process has concluded and a determination has been made on the applicant’s case or if the applicant needs to submit additional or updated documents.