On the day of their interview, parole applicants should arrive at the park located near the U.S. Embassy on Calzada and K streets one hour prior to the time of their scheduled interview. Applicants should bring their original documentation, including any documentation already requested by the National Visa Center, even if that information was already sent to NVC, as well as civil documents to prove the applicant’s relationship to the petitioner, valid passport, and current medical examination results.  With the exception of those assisting minors (17 years old or younger) and the physically disabled, the applicant must arrive alone for his/her scheduled appointment.

After the interview, the case will be sent to USCIS for a final determination of eligibility.  If the parole is approved, the applicant will receive their travel documents approximately four to six weeks from the date of the interview, although this time can be longer, particularly in the late summer and early fall.  Some cases require additional administrative processing that can take additional weeks or months to complete.  All parole applicants can check our website to verify if their documents are available for pick-up.

The U.S. Embassy appreciates the contributions that attorneys and family members may make to the expeditious processing of immigrant visa applications, especially in ensuring that all required documentation is in order and properly prepared prior to the interview.  Except in the following limited circumstances, the U.S. Embassy does not permit attorneys or family members to accompany immigrant visa applicants at the interview:

  • Family members who are assisting minors (17 years old or younger), the physically disabled or who are petitioners in IR1, CR1, F2A and K1 cases, may accompany immigrant visa applicants at the interview.
  • Attorneys may accompany a minor (17 years old or younger) or physically disabled immigrant visa applicant at the interview only if no other family member is available to assist.

Applicants whose case is pending additional documents should return with those documents as soon as possible. Please arrive at the park located on Calzada and K streets at 10:00am, Monday through Thursday.  At that time, the personnel of the embassy will make an call for those submitting documents.  The embassy staff will verify the applicant’s pass/documents and direct them towards the U.S. Embassy building.  Once the applicant reaches the entrance to the building, he/she will be greeted by a consular employee who will collect the pending documents.