Expedited Requests

Due to the nature of the Cuban Parole Programs, applicant interviews are already expedited significantly compared to applicants from any other nation, and we are limited on the number of interviews we can conduct per year.  As a result, we can accept only a small percentage of expedite requests we receive, and only under very compelling circumstances.  The U.S. Embassy will consider expediting a parole appointment under the following circumstances:

  • The petitioner has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and death is imminent.  In such a case medical documentation of the illness and prognosis must be provided. (Applies to CFRP applicants.)
  • Minor children whose custodial parent is immigrating to the United States as the recipient of an immigrant visa and the visa will expire prior to the minor child’s appointment.

In such a case, the petitioner or beneficiary should email our Information Unit at HavanaConsularInfo@state.gov and provide information regarding the expedite request.