Approval to Participate

Applications to participate in the program must be made at the time of the immigrant visa or CP1 parole applicant’s interview.  An immigrant visa or CP1 parole applicant will not be able to request parole after this time.  All applications for family-based parole will be reviewed by USCIS to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the program.  Final decisions regarding parole requests are made by an USCIS official.  Applicants are given the outcome of their parole requests sixteen weeks after receiving the visa.

If approved to participate, the U.S. Embassy in Havana will contact the immigrant visa or CP1 parole applicant to come to the U.S. Embassy to pick up appointment information for his or her relatives’ parole interview.  If the immigrant visa applicant is unable to come to the appointment, the CP3 parole applicant may come to pick up the CP3 appointment information.  On that day, the applicant will be provided with instructions to schedule his or her interview appointment.