Cuban Family-Based Parole (CP3)

Part of the Cuban Parole Program permits eligible Cuban citizens who are at least 21 years of age and have been issued an immigrant visa or CP1 parole to request family-based parole for certain family members.  CP3 parole is a two-step process – requesting approval to participate in the program, and then applying for the parole itself.

There is very high demand for the Family-Based Parole Program and the U.S. Embassy does not have the capacity to meet this demand.  As a result, there are very long wait times for an available interview.  In most cases, based on current processing times, it will likely be faster for the original immigrant visa or CFRP applicant who requested parole to enter the United States, obtain their Lawful Permanent Resident status or U.S. Citizenship, petition for their family members directly, and elect processing under the CFRP, which has much lower wait times.  Applicants can both request family-based parole at the time of their interview and, when they qualify to do so, later file I-130 immigrant visa petitions for their family members.