Previously, CFRP applicants did not have to pay fees. USCIS fully funded the CFRP program by using fee revenue from other immigration benefits.

To bring CFRP program parole requests in line with the majority of other parole requests filed on behalf of individuals outside of the United States, USCIS now requires anyone filing a new CFRP program application on or after February 17, 2015 to submit a completed Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document) and the fee required by USCIS.

The fee due is the fee for the Form I-131. Applicants may request a fee waiver by submitting Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver.  For instructions, please see USCIS’s Fee Waiver Guidance.

Cuban applicants approved to participate in the CFRP Program before February 17, 2015 will not need to pay any fees at the time of their interview.

The USCIS green card fee for approved Immigrant Visa applicants does NOT apply to parole cases.