Importing Cuban Goods

Importation of Cuban merchandise for commercial purposes is restricted, with very limited exceptions.  Certain imports of goods produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs are authorized, as set forth on the Department of State’s Section 515.582 List (see 31 C.F.R 515.582).  There are no limits on the import or export of informational materials.  For more information related to imports, including merchandise entering the United States for personal use as accompanied baggage, please refer to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection webpage.

Cuban law requires foreigners obtain authorization to take souvenir paintings and sculptures out of Cuba.  Most authorized points of sale, such as galleries and art studios, should be familiar with this process and should provide the proper documentation at the time of purchase.  You can also apply for an export permit via the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets.  Travelers without a valid export permit may have their items confiscated at the port of departure.  The U.S. Embassy cannot assist in these cases.  For more information, please see the Cuban Customs Authority website.