Death of a U.S. Citizen

If a U.S. citizen dies in Cuba, the death should be reported immediately to the American Citizen Services Unit of the U.S. Embassy at (+53) 7839-4100 and/or  If calling after working hours, select the option to be transferred to the emergency operator.

If the next-of-kin was not with the U.S. citizen at the time of death, we will notify him/her of the death and work with him/her to carry out his/her wishes with regards to burial or repatriation of remains. The American Citizen Services Unit can prepare a Report of Death of an American Citizen Abroad and other documents that can be used in the United States for most legal purposes.  With the next-of-kin’s permission, the Embassy can act as a liaison between the family and local authorities.

Disposition of Remains Report 

The following information (PDF 101KB) is submitted in accordance with requirements to provide current data on Cuban law on the disposition of remains.

CDC requirements for importing human remains depend upon if the body has been embalmed, cremated, or if the person died from a quarantinable communicable disease.

At this time, COVID-19 is a quarantinable communicable disease in the United States and the remains must meet the standards for importation found in 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 71.55 and may be cleared, released, and authorized for entry into the United States only under the following conditions:

  • The remains are cremated; OR
  • The remains are properly embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed casket; OR
  • The remains are accompanied by a permit issued by the CDC Director. The CDC permit (if applicable) must accompany the human remains at all times during shipment.
    • Permits for the importation of the remains of a person known or suspected to have died from a quarantinable communicable disease may be obtained through the CDC Division of Global Migration and Quarantine by calling the CDC Emergency Operations Center at 770-488-7100 or emailing

Please see CDC’s guidance for additional information.

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