Apply for a CRBA

  1. Eligibility for a CRBA
  2. Apply for a CRBA

In order to transmit U.S. citizenship to your child, you must be a U.S. citizen before the child’s birth.  If you became a U.S. citizen after the child was born, please contact United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for other options.

How to Apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Before you apply for a CRBA you need to gather specific documentation and fill out several forms. The list below serves as a checklist for the documentation you need to bring to the Consular Section:

  1. Citizen parent’s birth certificate, naturalization certificate and U.S. passport.
  2. Parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable).
  3. Divorce decrees from previous marriages, if any, for both parents.
  4. The U.S. citizen parent should prove that he or she was in Cuba at the time of conception. A statement from the Cuban Ministry of Interior showing the entry/exit records for Cuba is recommended.
  5. Evidence of the U.S. citizen parent’s physical presence in the United States. For example, he or she could provide school records, deeds, court records, military records, income tax returns, IRS records, social security records, mortgage/utility payment receipts, pay slips, or other documents as valid evidence of physical presence for the periods of time required by the citizen parent to transmit citizenship. In most cases, you should bring documents attesting to a minimum of five years of physical presence in the United States prior to the child’s birth.
  6. Evidence of the relationship between the U.S. citizen parent, the non-citizen parent, and the child. Examples of evidence often provided include family photos, money transfer receipts, and phone/email records.
  7. Child’s birth certificate certified by MINREX and the child’s Cuban identity card (tarjeta de menor).
  8. Child’s passport photo (1). The photo should show the child facing straight ahead and with his or her eyes open.
  9. 205 USD or 205 CUC (cash).
  10. Completed form DS- 2029 (PDF 63KB) – Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad.
  11. Completed form DS- 11 – Application for U.S. Passport.
  12. Completed form DS- 5507 (PDF 36KB)- Affidavit of Parentage, Physical Presence and Support (if applicable).

These forms can be downloaded from the internet. Do not sign the applications until requested to do so by the Consul at the time of the interview.

Once you have the necessary documents, you can make an appointment by email or telephone: (+53) 7839-4100.

Download and complete the Application for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (DS-2029) (PDF 61 KB). If after reading the instruction pages you need further guidance, please review the following advice:

  • Last name / surname of applicant
    The name used on the CRBA must be the same as that on the birth certificate. However, we understand that the naming practices outside of the United States can be different.  In Cuba, the law dictates that the person must be registered with two last names, patronymic and matronymic, but parents may desire to register a child with only one last name.  If this is the case, please fill out the DS-2029 form with only one last name.
  • Full names and all previous legal names used by parents
    Use the names as they appear on the ID that you are going to use when you apply.  If you have used any other first, middle, or last names, such as maiden or matronymic names, please list them in the section, “All Previous Legal Names Used.”
  • Mailing address
    The CRBA will not be sent by mail, and this address is just for information purposes.  You can enter a U.S. or local address.
  • Previous marriages
    Please fill out the information completely, including with the name(s) of previous spouse(s), the date(s) and place(s) of previous marriages, and the date(s) of divorce(s) or death(s).  If information does not fit in the spaces provided, please use Section D (page 6 of 7).
  • Precise periods of time in the United States
    This is the most complicated part of this form.  We urge you to pay close attention to details. When you fill out the list, provide only dates when you have been physically present in the United States.  This means that if you left the United States, including for a vacation, you should not list those dates. 

If after reviewing this you have questions about the DS-2029 form, please email the American Citizens Services Section.