Traveled to GEO without an appointment

Embassy Georgetown has continued to schedule appointments for spouses and minor children of American citizens, as well as fiancé visas throughout the pandemic, as these cases were not suspended by the Presidential Proclamation.

However, as always, immigrant visa appointments are scheduled by the National Visa Center (NVC) in order of priority of when cases were filed.  If your case has not yet been transferred to Georgetown, you will need to contact NVC to determine what stage your case is in.  TRAVELING TO GUYANA DOES NOT ALLOW PERSONS TO SKIP THE LINE.  Many persons are waiting for appointments, and it is not fair to let some people go ahead of others, who have been waiting longer.  You must contact if you wish to request an expedited appointment.  The appointment scheduling process is designed to provide fair consideration to all applicants, including those who have waited many years for their cases to become current.

Sorry to hear that you traveled to Georgetown without an appointment.  We are unable to locate your case file at the embassy.  This means your case is likely still with NVC.  Also, since your case number begins with 2020, it seems your case was only approved in 2020.  It’s unlikely that you have a scheduled appointment yet.

As noted on our website and Facebook page, some persons had traveled to Guyana for appointments during March-April 2020, and we are now expediting their cases for rescheduling. We invited all of them to let us know when they were in Guyana.  All of these persons had appointments scheduled already.  But if you never had an appointment scheduled yet, then your case isn’t ready yet.