Statement By Chargé D’ Affaires Benjamin Ziff on Women’s History Month

Statement By Chargé D’ Affaires Benjamin Ziff
on Women’s History Month
U.S. Embassy Havana 

March 2023  


Women’s History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women and girls in Cuba, the United States, and around the globe who have fought tirelessly and courageously for equality, justice, and opportunity.   

We salute the women of this island who each play a vital role to the civil, economic, and social well-being of the country.  The World Intellectual Property Organization notes that Cuban women were 57% of female inventors in 2022, a remarkable achievement.  The status and advancement of Cuban women and girls is demonstrated in our Embassy in Havana. We see the significant contributions of Cuban women first-hand every day with almost 60% of the Embassy positions staffed by women.  

The U.S. Embassy in Havana remains committed to assisting Cuban women in overcoming the many social, economic, and political obstacles they face as they work to increase their presence in civil society and the private sector. Notably, our Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) trains women business leaders in management, finance, and marketing to improve their effectiveness, market reach, and networking with local, U.S. and international counterparts.    

In addition to celebrating the achievements of women, this year is another occasion to highlight the challenges that women still face in the home, workplace, and in societies around the world. The United States is committed to ensuring gender equality and to combating gender-based barriers and violence.  Ensuring the meaningful participation of women in society is an investment in a secure, peaceful, and prosperous world.  This Women’s History Month we salute the achievements and contributions of women and girls to all spheres of our lives and reaffirm our commitment to advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls in Cuba, the United States and around the world.