Frequently Asked Questions – Expansion of Cuba Visa Processing

Q:  Which immigrant visa categories will be scheduled in Havana?

  • There are two broad categories of family-based immigrant visas: Immediate Relative and Family Preference. Immediate relative visas require a close family relationship with a U.S. citizen, including a spouse, child under 21, or parent.  As of May 2022, parents of U.S. citizens, or IR-5 visa applicants, are being interviewed in Havana.  Starting in July 2022, all other categories of immediate relative immigrant visas, including spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens, will be processed in Havana.
  • Family preference immigrant visas apply to other family relationships with a U.S. Citizen (including siblings and children over the age of 21) and some specified relationships with a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). Family preference immigrant visas for Cubans will continue to be processed in Georgetown.
  • Immigrant visa applicants will receive information directly via email of where to appear for their interview.

Q:  What consular services are available in Havana?

  • Consular staff in Havana continue to provide essential American Citizens Services and limited emergency nonimmigrant visa processing. Starting in July 2022, consular staff will also process all immediate relative visa categories in Havana.
  • As we work to expand services, the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana will remain the primary processing location for all Cuban family preference immigrant visa applicants and immediate relative cases already scheduled for processing at the U.S. Embassy in Guyana.

Q:  Why are only immediate relative immigrant visas being processed in Havana and not other categories?

  • We chose the immediate relative categories recognizing the importance of family reunification for U.S. citizens and their immediate family members.
  • While we understand other applicants may have challenging circumstances, given current conditions, Embassy Havana remains unable to accept transfer requests from other visa categories. We will continue to evaluate, as conditions permit, a further expansion of visa services in Havana.

Q:  When will the full range of consular services be available in Havana?

  • We do not have an exact date for when Embassy Havana will begin processing the full range of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.
  • The President directed the State Department to expand consular services at Embassy Havana, keeping in mind the safety and security of U.S. diplomatic personnel. The resumption of the processing of immediate relative applicants in Havana represents another step in expanding services, and we will continue to evaluate, as conditions permit, a further expansion of visa services in Havana.
  • Embassy Havana’s Consular Section continues to provide essential American Citizens Services and limited emergency nonimmigrant visa processing. Please continue to review the embassy’s website for updates:

Q:  Will there be additional consular officers sent to Havana?

  • We will continue increasing consular staffing at Embassy Havana in order to process these additional categories of immigrant visas. As we increase staffing, the safety and security of U.S. personnel, their families, and U.S. citizens continue to be our top priority.

Q:  What are the security concerns, and when will you be able to determine that it is safe for additional staff to return to Havana?

  • Our top priority remains the health and safety of U.S. citizens overseas, including United States Government employees and their family members. We are working to get to the bottom of anomalous health incidents and provide top-notch care and support to everyone affected.
  • The investigation into what is causing these incidents and how we can protect our people is ongoing. This represents a major interagency effort involving the White House, the Defense Department, U.S. intelligence agencies, Congress, and leading scientists.

Q:  Why did some immediate relative visa applicants receive a message that they will be interviewed in Georgetown?

  • An immediate relative visa applicant notified by the National Visa Center or U.S. Embassy Havana on or after June 9, 2022, that their case is ready for processing will have their interview scheduled at Embassy Havana, not Embassy Georgetown.
  • Immediate relative applicants notified prior to June 9, 2022, that their case is ready for processing will continue to be processed at Embassy Georgetown.

Q:  Can applicants who are already scheduled to be interviewed in Georgetown have their case processed in Havana instead?

  • Given resource constraints, the U.S. Embassy in Havana is not accepting transfer requests from applicants at this time. If an immediate relative case was already scheduled in Georgetown, it will be processed in Georgetown.  Neither the U.S. Embassy in Havana, nor the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown will respond to requests to transfer cases.

Q:  Can immigrant visa applicants who are yet to be scheduled for an interview request to be interviewed in Havana?

  • If an individual is applying for an immediate relative immigrant visa, and has not yet been scheduled for an interview, they will be interviewed in Havana and should expect to receive information from the U.S. Embassy in Havana staff in writing by email.
  • All other categories of immigrant visas will be scheduled, interviewed, and adjudicated in Georgetown and cannot be transferred to Havana.

Q:  When will non-immigrant visas be processed in Cuba? In the meantime, can Cuban citizens apply for nonimmigrant visas in another country?

  • Due to the ordered departure of non-emergency personnel following anomalous health incidents, the U.S. Embassy in Havana is currently only accepting requests for non-immigrant visa appointments in very limited circumstances.
  • Nonimmigrant visa applications processed at U.S. Embassy Havana are diplomatic or official (category A or G) visas, or extremely rare emergency cases in which the applicant has a life-threatening illness requiring treatment in the United States.
  • Cuban applicants for nonimmigrant visas may apply at any U.S. embassy or consulate overseas but must be physically present in the country at the time of the application. As each U.S. Embassy or Consulate has specific application procedures, applicants should contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where they wish to apply directly.  Contact information for U.S. embassies is available at