Sections & Offices

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) manages press, public information, and cultural programming for the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba.  U.S. Embassy Havana is committed to promoting cultural, academic, and social linkages between the people of the United States and the people of Cuba.

PAS works closely with U.S. institutions and individuals to further exchange opportunities between the two countries.  The Embassy also distributes U.S. Government information, including official documents, press releases, and policy statements, and manages press relations on behalf of the U.S. Government in Cuba.

The Public Affairs American Center provides free internet access, and other information and educational programs for Cubans.  The U.S. Embassy is home to EducationUSA, a global program that promotes educational opportunities in the United States.  PAS also supports the development of English language resources and instruction in Cuba.

Public Affairs may be able to provide informational briefings for U.S. groups visiting Cuba on licensed trips and student groups.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please call the Press Office on (+53) 7839-4158

The Human Resources Office provides human resources and recruitment services to the U.S. Embassy in Havana.  We cannot help you seek employment in other organizations in Havana, the United States or other countries. We encourage you to submit your application form DS-174 every time you want to apply for a vacancy.  Please send your application form DS-174 ONLY if you are applying for any of the positions currently advertised.

We advertise positions for ten working days and suggest visiting this page periodically for an updated list of vacancies.

Applicants must either be a Cuban citizen, U.S. Citizen Family Member (USEFM), Eligible Family Member (EFM), Third Country National (TCN) or have the required work and/or residency permit allowing the individual to work in Cuba. Applicants will be asked to provide documentation to support their legal right to work in Cuba.

Please note that if you are selected for a position at the U.S. Embassy you will be required to go through a security investigation prior to your appointment.  All Cuban citizen applicants must also be approved by the Cuban employment agency, PALCO, before they can begin working at the U.S. Embassy.

Please see Job Openings at the Embassy