Contract Opportunities

The U.S. Havana Embassy plans to award a purchase order for the Replacement of the Chancery Sea Door. You are encouraged to make your quotation competitive providing equal or exceeding quality. You are also cautioned against any collusion with other potential offerors with regard to price quotations to be submitted. The RFQ does not commit the American Embassy to make any award. The Embassy may cancel this RFQ or any part of it.

# Description Qty
1 Replacement of Watertight Sea Door • STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATION, and ALL working parts must be CORROSION RESISTANT • PRESSURE psi: adequate for 60” water over 48 hours. • ROUGH OPENING CONCRETE FRAME all 4 sides (please confirm your ability to provide masonry subframe, AS We will repair our opening according to your sub-frame details). • SILL FLANGE to be bolted directly to 1000 psi concrete floor, with gasketing to ensure seal. • CLEAR ACCESS: minimum access W = 48” (1200 mm); minimum H = 80” (2050 mm) • DOOR HANDING: single side-hinged OUTSWING • WHEEL-OPERATED DOGS (operable ONLY from interior) • GASKET SEAL: Neoprene or better • NO VIEW PORTAL *please include in quote a removable ramp / protective cover over bottom sill flange. Along with quote we’d ask you to please also provide a ballpark estimate for lead times, including shop drawing creation, review and AND fabrication. 1.00


Please read the RFQ carefully, and if you are interested submit your quotation to

Bidding Due Date: Friday, April 29/2023.

230302 Sea Door SOW – Concept Sketch