Contract Opportunities

U.S. Embassy Cuba, Public Affairs Section – Social Media Content Development Services 2023 
Bidding Due Date: Friday, December 23, 2022

The United States Embassy in Havana seeks a contractor to provide social media content development services as directed by them.
Interested parties should contact as soon as possible to request additional information. Please note interested candidates should provide sample content as part of the application process. 

The social media content development and analytics service must follow the following guidelines:

1. Desired product: The contractor will create the following type of social media content and analytical products as directed by the U.S. Embassy in Havana:

  • Videos (Examples: Short Program Summary Videos, “Reel” videos for social media content, edited speeches)
  • Graphics (Examples: Graphics on U.S. Government Work, Graphics for Programming)
  • Photographic content
  • Social media text in English and Spanish
  • Reports on social media engagement, trends, and narratives.
  • Social media monitoring services to understand and analyze social media commentary related to Embassy Havana.
  • Analytical products of instances of disinformation and propaganda by social media users and state sponsored media outlets.

2. Sources: reporting products must cover information published in – but not limited to – the following:

  • Social media related to Cuban State publications – print and online – with a nation-wide or regional reach.
  • Social media content of Cuban non-state and independent media, both based on the island, the United States, and in other countries.
  • Social media content of International and U.S. domestic outlets reporting on Cuba.
  • Social media posts focused on news and opinions of recognized Cuba policy analysts, and watchers.

3. Topics to be covered by social media content and social media analytics:

  • The activities, public communications including social media, and events related to the U.S. Embassy Havana
  • United States government communications and activities (especially the Department of State and the White House)
  • United States-Cuba bilateral relations
  • Statements by U.S. government officials about the events or actions by the Cuban government or U.S.- Cuba bilateral relations
  • Statements from Cuban government officials about U.S. foreign and economic policy or relevant international events
  • Summary of coverage of visits to Cuba by high-level international officials
  • The U.S. embargo on Cuba
  • Status of human rights including freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion in Cuba
  • Cuban immigration, including topics of interest to Cuban diaspora, such as remittances, third-country travel, and U.S. and third country immigration policies
  • Internet access and telecommunications in Cuba
  • Significant Cuban political, economic, cultural, and social events
  • Statements by other governments on their bilateral relations with Cuba or their reaction to events in Cuba.
  • Featured news on:
  • S. educational and cultural issues (i.e. sports, exchanges, arts programs) related to Cuba or involving Cuban participants
  • Environmental issues involving the United States and Cuba
  • Security, organized crime, corruption, copyright issues, migration, and other foreign policy issues of importance to the United States
  • Political and economic analysis and opinion pieces on the above subjects

4. Quality check: Editing and proofreading of the final social media content and analytical product is required to ensure language quality.

5. English requirement: The social media content and analytical products must be delivered in both English and Spanish. The personnel involved in developing the content and analytical products should be bilingual in English and Spanish and have Level IV of English language knowledge. It is desired although not mandatory – that a native English speaker write or review the final social media content and analytical products.

U.S. Embassy Cuba, Marine Corps – Cook / Food Services 2023 
Bidding Due Date: Friday, December 30, 2022

The United States Embassy in Havana seeks a contractor to provide Cook / Food Services.

The purpose of this fixed price contract is to obtain food services program for U.S. Government at U.S. Embassy Havana for Marine Security Guards at the Marine Security Guard Residence (MSGR)The Contractor shall perform services in designated spaces. The contract will be for a one-year period from the date of the contract award, with four option years, one-year options.
The Contractor shall furnish all managerial, administrative, and direct labor personnel that are necessary to accomplish the work in this contract. Contractor employees shall be on site only for contractual duties and not for other business purposes.

General Instructions
The Contractor shall prepare general instructions for the work force. The Contractor shall provide drafts to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for review within thirty days after contract award. The Contracting Officer’s Representative must approve these general instructions before issuance.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Contractor previously cleared by RSO, must arrive at the MSGR by 07:30 hr. and will not work later than 15:30 hrs. During this time frame the Contractor will prepare and provide the services requested and clean up the workspace.  The Employer will provide the necessary equipment to accomplish the service to include cooking ware, and cleaning supplies.
Certain areas listed in paragraph #3 require an escort and can only be entered during scheduled times.  The General Instructions shall emphasize security requirements so that accidental security violations do not occur.
Contractor shall schedule cooking and serving requirements to ensure that these are done in the order and time frame specified and they are to be performed on a daily basis, Monday-Saturday.
Breakfast (from 7-9:30 am), Lunch (11:00 am to 1:30 pm) and Dinner (5:00-7:30 pm).
Contractor shall clean kitchen, all dishes and appliances after each meal and causes minimal disruption to the normal operation of the MSGR.  The COR shall determine the schedules presented which meet the needs of the individual facility.

Types of Services
Shall include the following work:
-Daily Cooking and Serving Requirements
Prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for nine marines. These meals will include two meals that will be set aside for the Marines on duty. On Saturday, the contractor will ensure that there are two meals prepared to allow the Marines to have food for Sunday. Clean all cooking ware and eating utensils that are used for the preparation of meals. Clean all kitchen appliances i.e. taster, microwave, coffee pots, stove, refrigerators, and freezers. Wash and properly store all fruits and vegetables and any left-over food and other cooking materials. Assist in the grocery shopping to obtain goods that the employer needs in his daily diet.

Management and Supervision
The Contractor shall designate a representative who shall be responsible for on-site supervision of the Contractor’s workforce at all times.  This supervisor shall be the focal point for the Contractor and shall be the point of contact with U.S. Government personnel.  The supervisor shall have sufficient English language skill to be able to communicate with members of the U.S. Government staff. This would be applicable for companies only.
The Contractor shall maintain schedules.  The schedules shall take into consideration the hours that the staff can effectively perform their services without placing a burden on the security personnel of the Post.
The Contractor shall be responsible for quality control, perform inspection visits to the work site on a regular basis and coordinate these visits with the COR. These visits shall be surprise inspections to those working on the contract.
The Contractor shall control overtime through efficient use of the work force.  Individual work schedules shall not exceed 44 hours per week to preclude overtime being part of the services provided under the contract.

U.S. Embassy Cuba – PR11336234: Residential 13kW generators purchase and install

Quotations Due Date: Friday, January 6, 2023, before 15:00 hrs. (Havana Local time).

Title: Havana Residential Generators
Post: Havana, Cuba
Description: 13 kW, 240V/120V, 1 Phase generators with transfer switches
Qty: 3
Unit Price
Delivery and Installation – USDH Residences in Havana

Provide and install equipment according to the contract documents with the following clarifications.

  1. There is an urgent need for residential generators at Post Havana. Hence, certain requirements will be waived in preference for immediate availability.
  2. The generators are not limited to any specific brand.
  3. The generators can be residential grade as well as the industrial grade generators normally required by the specifications.
  4. The generators are not required to be prime rated. Ratings are specified herein with standby ratings, and standby rated generators are acceptable.
  5. While an integral fuel tank is still required for liquid fuels, the 12-hour minimum is waived in favor of a capacity that has immediate availability. The double wall fuel tank requirement is also waived.
  6. Generator spare parts are still required but can be delivered at a later date within the normal constraints of the contract. They shall also conform to the manufacturer’s model being offered.
  7. Sound limitations are waived.
  8. “Lowest cost, technically acceptable” is always the most important factor. However, a reasonably higher cost, with higher than minimum equipment ratings, will be considered acceptable if there are significant time savings in delivery of the equipment.
  9. Vendors are encouraged to provide multiple quotes, if necessary, showing the available options of immediately available generators meeting these minimum standards and explaining any trade-offs.
  10. Generator test reports can be provided later than normally required, such as during delivery. Test reports can be very basic, conforming to manufacturer’s factory standard for the model being offered.

Provide and install three (3) generators and three (3) transfer switches. Higher grade, industrial type generators, as normally required by the specifications, will be considered if there are delivery time savings. All generators shall be 13Kw standby minimum. All transfer switches shall be 200 Amp minimum, 2-pole, in NEMA 3R enclosures. All equipment shall be rated 240/120V, single phase, 60 Hz. The quotes shall be for Diesel fuel powered generators. Equipment shall be for Post residences. Exact residences to be determined later. Delivery and installation to Dispatch, Havana, by no later than February 15, 2023. If that deadline cannot be met, then the vendor’s quote shall provide the best possible delivery date. The final destination for all equipment is Post Havana, Cuba. Vendors shall ensure that purchase order numbers/requisition numbers and final destination Post are clearly marked on all shipments.