Information Resource Center

During much of the past half century, the U.S. Government’s public diplomacy program included traditional lending libraries located in American cultural centers in cities around the world, providing general information about the United States to broad publics. In the mid-1990s these libraries were converted into smaller, high tech Information Resource Centers (IRCs) whose mission is to promote U.S. national interests by providing U.S. policy information to foreign audiences.

Our IRC provides a range of services, including:

  • Providing information about the United States and Cuba
  • Acting as an interface for Education USA (including providing a test center for TOEFL and GRE)
  • Providing information about studying in the United States
  • Supporting teachers and students of English
  • Hosting a range of workshops and events

The IRC includes two public outreach centers, the Lincoln and the Eleanor Roosevelt Centers, that are available to any Cubans citizens who request our services. To make an appointment, please call the IRC on 7839-4100.

Circulating Collection:  Our collection comprises more than 1,500 books about the United States, Cuba, social policies, economy, human rights, management, leadership, elections, and English teaching.  We also have a selection of U.S. and non-U.S. literature, including children and young adult fiction and non-fiction.

Free Internet Access:  Internet access is available in the IRC by appointment.  Please see below for calling instructions.

Virtual Library eLibraryUSA:  This website provides members of Information Resource Centers (IRCs), American Corners (ACs), and Binational Centers (BNCs) with access to a broad range of online resources and over 20 authoritative databases.  The collection includes resources about English language learning, study in and travel to the United States, U.S. historical and cultural information, civil society, business and entrepreneurship, and science and technology. Most of the resources are in English.  Only members can have access to eLibraryUSA using a generic account from computers available in the IRC public access centers.


  • Toefl exam: Dec. 9
  • Advanced social media workshop Dec 6 & 7
  • Jueves para jovenes – every Thursday
  • Closed Dec. 26- Dec. 30


  • Closed:  January 2, January 20
  • Jueves for jovenes – every Thursday
  • GRE exam – January 13
  • Toefl exam – January 20
  • Youth resume writing workshop: January 10, 11
  • English Club Scrabble Tournament:  Jan. 18
  • MOOC Camp – English for Business and Entrepreneurship – starts January 24.


  • MOOC Camp – English for Business and Entrepreneurship – every Tuesday and Wednesday 2-4
  • Jueves para jovenes – every Thursday
  • TOEFL Exam – February 3