Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program – Invitation Letters

In August 2016 USCIS issued a series of invitations inviting eligible petitioners to participate in the Cuban Family Reunification Program. If you have questions about this letter, please visit the USCIS website for more information or check our Frequently Asked Questions on the issues. When choosing whether to participate in the program, please weigh your options carefully – information to help you decide is available on our website and in the letter. USCIS cannot guarantee that the CFRP Program will always provide faster reunification with family than the IV process.  

If you choose to accept the invitation, you will need to submit new documentation and a new fee. You can find information here. If you choose not to participate or do not take any action, IV processing will continue as normal, and you will be contacted by the National Visa Center closer to the date of your beneficiary’s immigrant visa availability with further instructions.