In this photo a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter searches a beach where a father and his young son were swept out to sea. (AP Image)

Remarks from Chargé d’Affaires, Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis Signing of Agreement on Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue

REMARKS FROM CHARGÉ D’AFFAIRES, AMBASSADOR JEFFREY DELAURENTIS Signing of AGREEMENT ON MARITIME AND AERONAUTICAL SEARCH AND RESCUE (As prepared) The United States and Cuba have been working together on search and rescue operations for more than 20 years.  Today we make another advance in strengthening this cooperation between the United States and Cuba in our common effort to save lives. This bilateral

Fishermen stand in the water as a man on a foam raft fishes for bait, off Chivo beach in Havana, Cuba. (AP image)

United States and Cuba Sign Bilateral Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Agreement

Media Note Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC January 9, 2017 The United States and Cuba signed a bilateral agreement to prepare for and respond to oil spills and hazardous substance pollution in the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida on January 9, 2017. Under this agreement, the United States and Cuba will cooperate and coordinate in an

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