Addition to the Cuba Restricted List

Today, the Department of State is adding American International Services (AIS) to the Cuba Restricted List.  AIS is a financial institution controlled by the Cuban military that processes remittances sent to the Cuban people.  The Cuban military also uses AIS, its parent company FINCIMEX, and other entities to charge fees and manipulate the remittance and foreign currency market as part of the regime’s schemes to make money and support its repressive apparatus. The profits earned from these operations disproportionately benefit the Cuban military, furthering repression of the Cuban people and funding Cuba’s meddling in Venezuela.

President Trump has made it clear that he stands with the Cuban people in their longstanding struggle for freedom and against the communist regime in Havana.  Adding AIS to the Cuba Restricted List furthers the Administration’s goal of preventing the Cuban military from controlling and benefiting from the flow of remittances that should instead benefit the Cuban people.  The people should be able to receive funds from their family abroad without having to line the pockets of their oppressors.

We urge anyone who sends remittances to family in Cuba to use means other than Cuban government-controlled remittance entities.

The Cuban people deserve to live in freedom and dignity, able to choose their leadership and provide for themselves and their families.  The United States stands with the Cuban people as they struggle to achieve this vision and look forward to the day when the dream of freedom becomes reality.